Music production
Professional musician and sound designer, with skilled experience producing for film, advertising and animation

Extinction by Helioscene

“Helioscene’s debut album EXTINCTION was produced amidst a growing obsession with climate change disaster and deep anxieties of a dying planet. Among the hopeful melodies sit found sounds and field recordings that forebode beings and places facing the amounting negative effects of cataclysmic climate events.Each track is filled with inimitable melodic complexity and organic poly-rhythms that weave into exhilarating ambient compositions. Trained professionally as sound designer, his first album demonstrates a genius ability to create a musical palette that is thematic, resonant, addictive and precisely designed.Half of donations raised from the project go towards the Wangan & Jagalingou Family Council, the traditional owners of the land fighting the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland.”For more information, click here