State Library of Queensland – The Great and Grand Rumpus

I was approached by the State Library of Queensland to produce a five minute looped projection that was to be digitally mapped and projected upon a large (8 x 4.5 meter) 3D sculptural wall relief.

Grumpus was an exhibition of imaginative sculptural, digital and immersive installations that conveyed and evoked a sense of play and whimsy in the SLQ Gallery from December 2021 –April 2022. The Grumpus shared stories created with schools and communities of interest through participatory exhibition development. Stories will develop through a workshop program run throughout 2021.

Incorporating the ideas of over 1000 participants from ages six to sixty, the exhibition brings the nonsensical to life, the unreal to reality and LOUDNESS to the library!

For more information about the project scope, visit state library of queensland – The Making of The Great & Grand Rumpus