August 9, 2020

Arp 1601 Sequencer from Logan Soloman

ANOTHER EDIT: The full PCB Kit incl parts from synthcube is far cheaper than ordering the parts from mouser separately:

full kit 499 USD (626.80AUD)
synthcube pcb panel alone 249 USD (347AUD)
Parts from mouser $350 AUD (not including other places needed to order from which would ramp up postage cost to like $20 per component)

EDIT: Just decided to create a new mousie BOM based on the rev6a.pdf:party: … 4f5c857d4b

Below is what was missing from mouser and will need to be sourced from somewhere else:
FE-M3-.5-6PAN-BLK -these are panel screws
LM301AN as above, kipling indicates not supplied by mouser
CA3046M -NOT AVAILABLE apearing as CA3046 on mouser sheet AND NOT AVAILABLE
WQP518MA-BM -These are the Qinpu 3.5mm jacks, can be ordered through
B07SMQC5TH -Keyboard buttons. Looks like I can get them on amazon

ALSO, as indicated by Kippling, MC14528 is not DIP from mouser. I guess it needs to be ordered somewhere else. nevertheless, I still have it in the mouser cart as it came up!


Why does synthcube not have the BOM on their product page…? … uencer-diy

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